Winogradsky/Sobel (“Win/So”) is a unique music services company that offers the combined expertise of nationally-recognized attorneys Steve Winogradsky and Ron Sobel, together with the proven track record of a highly-experienced artist development, music publishing/administration, and clearance & licensing team. With years of traditional and New Media legal and business affairs experience, the Win/So team has represented artists, composers, and production companies for television, film, DVD’s, Internet, video games, and commercial advertising campaigns. Win/So has also provided consulting and strategic design of emerging business models and social media opportunities.

Winogradsky/Sobel: providing creative and legal services for artists and composers, and innovative global music solutions for media ventures.

Music Publishing: The Complete Guide by Steve Winogradsky – The new book and “Your Go-To Music Copyright Resource” is now available! Read more about it here.

Music Publishing: The Roadmap to Royalties by Ron Sobel and Dick Weissman Available now! Read more about it here.

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