Music Publishing The Complete Guide

Music Publishing: The Complete Guide
by Steve Winogradsky

Music Publishing: The Complete Guide by Steve WinogradskyYour Go-To Music Copyright Resource

Written by an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the music industry, Music Publishing: The Complete Guide is the definitive manual on music copyright. This book serves as a thorough guide for industry pros, lawyers, and music business or law students.

Subjects covered:

  • Copyright
  • Performing rights organizations
  • Mechanical, synchronization, and print licensing
  • Songwriter and composer agreements
  • Publishing administration and foreign sub-publishing
  • Production music libraries
  • Pitching and placement companies
  • Sample annotated agreements
  • And much more!



The discussion also delves into historical perspective and current trends and revenue opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace. Easy-to-read narratives explain the key points for all of these types of deals. Numerous sample agreements are also included along with annotations to explain the contractual language. There are also links to copyright and publishing resources, listings of foreign performance and mechanical societies, and anecdotes and case studies from real world incidents.

If you’re looking for a thorough grounding and go-to reference book on music copyright, not just a quick crash course, your search is over.

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“Steve’s Music Publishing text is fantastic. It is personal, practical, and even includes excellent real world case studies. Furthermore, the helpful agreement annotations and comments are a most excellent resource for breaking down agreement language and terms for the reader. His knowledge, experience, and sense of humor make this the best music publishing text I’ve read. I will be using Steve’s book as the official text for our Music Publishing course at The University of Colorado Denver’s Music Industry Program. All those interested in learning more about music publishing or having a sharp reference text should get this book!”

Benom Plumb
(Assistant Professor, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado Denver)